2023 Essential Financial Figures

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The Planner

The journey to becoming The Planner was one that took time, experience and the help of like-minded financial advocates. Learn how The Planner became a Certified Financial Planner and formed the ultimate team of financial heroes known as G.U.A.R.D.

Lieutenant Life Insurance

As one of the most versatile and powerful financial superheroes, Lieutenant Life Insurance uses his super strength, knowledge and ambidexterity to help meet your family’s needs as they evolve throughout your lifetime and beyond.

The Adventures of Captain Annuity

Ever wonder why Annuities have stood the test of time? Learn how Captain Annuity can help you achieve your retirement goals as he bypasses the probate process, overcomes a deluge of tax forms and helps to establish a steady income stream.

Fund Faceoff: Super ETF vs Mutual Fund Man

Which fund is a better fit for your portfolio? Super ETF faces off against Mutual Fund Man in the first in our series of investment infographics. Compare their superpowers and learn more about these investment options.