Part-Time Retirement

July 8, 2018   00:15:44

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When you envisioned your retirement did you imagine that you would be working?  There’s a good chance you never realized that you, too, may have a Part-Time Retirement. Part-Time Retirement is far more common now in all income classes: lower, middle and upper- and there are a lot of reasons why you may work during your golden years. In Episode 5, Travis and Kelly discuss what may drive you to work in retirement and likely reasons that could compel you back to work. Don’t miss the 3 major challenges that must be addressed if you decide to go back to work.

Don’t miss this episode if:

  • You are under your “Full Retirement Age” as defined by
  • You are nearing retirement
  • You are considering taking Social Security
  • You already have taken your Social Security benefit and you’re considering going back to work
  • You want to lower your taxes in retirement
  • You want to define if and when you can retire


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