Dirty Little Secret

April 15, 2018   00:25:24

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Welcome to the Investment Answers Podcast.  Your hosts are Travis Terlau, Certified Financial Planner™, an independent Investment Advisor Representative, and founder and CEO, along with Kelly Terlau Chief Operations Officer of Investment Answers®. We are a real couple that owns an actual financial planning firm.  Whether you’re just getting started with setting the foundation for your lifelong financial wellness or if you’ve been saving and investing over your lifetime, we’re here to help. On this (first) episode we discuss:

  • Who we are
  • When saving for college, parents typically save more for their sons than their daughters
  • How the savings gap can happen on accident
  • Strategies we use to overcome potential savings gaps for our children
  • All About the Numbers: 2018 Tax Reform Tax Brackets

Articles Referenced

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