Summer 2021 Newsletter

When was the last time you looked at your beneficiary designations? Some people think their will or trust is all they need to ensure their assets go to the desired recipients. Have you reached middle age without accumulating much in retirement savings?

If so, follow the link to read more about:

Pump Up Your Retirement Savings │ Do You Have a Rainy Day Fund? │ Signs You Need a Financial Plan │ Overcoming 5 Retirement Fears │Beneficiary Designations Override Wills │ Chicken Taco Avocado Recipe

Winter 2021 Newsletter

In 2020, Congress spent a significant amount of time bartering over stimulus bills to aid the American people. Major implications abound in the recent legislation, both for people (single and married), and for businesses.

Read on to delve into:

Rebate Payments and Enhanced Unemployment Benefits │ Return of the Paycheck Protection Program │ Income Tax Provisions │ Expanded Employee Retention Tax Credits.

Winter 2020 Newsletter

Saving may sound simple, but in reality, it can be complicated. We have compiled 5 Reasons to Start Savings, shared the basic info you need to know about the SECURE Act, which was recently passed by Congress, and more:

The Psychology of Saving │ Keep Track of Retirement Accounts │ Estate Planning for Blended Families │ Investment Answers News

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Estate planning is not simply about money or family heirlooms. There could be far more at stake, including the future welfare of your loved ones. In our Fall 2019 Newsletter, we delve into important topics that you may have been avoiding for some time, including how to approve difficult family discussions about what to do in case the unexpected happens.

Estate Planning Checklist │ A Financial Plan is a Living Document │ When Tax Planning Matters │ Having the Talk │ Your Parents’ Estate Plans │ IA News │ Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Retirement planning is a life-long process. And the income, expense, and financial planning that you do over your lifetime will create the type of lifestyle you will live as you age. For many, retirement is no longer considered a time to slow down- it is a new beginning in life. Read on to learn more…

Get These Decisions Right │ Reviewing Legal Documents │ What Kind of Retirement Do You Want? │ Retirement Planning Decade by Decade │ Financial Thoughts

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

With the discrepancy between the cost of living and income has led many people to rely more on credit cards.  However, debt can be dangerous to your financial health. Your credit score has a huge impact on some of the biggest aspects of your adult life. This newsletter focuses on increasing the understanding of how to manage credit, how credit scores are determined, and suggestions to help the next generation of those you love.

Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score │ Do You Have Too Much Debt? │ Raising Financially Responsible Children │ Which is Better? Saving or Paying Down Debt? │ Avoiding Credit Card Dependence

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Summer 2018 Newsletter

The sooner you start saving, the less you’ll have to put away each month to accumulate the necessary funds for your retirement. And oftentimes, your retirement may be different than you had visualized throughout your life. Join us as we discuss these important topics and as we make an exciting announcement:

Sandwiched Between Generations │ Time- Friend or Foe? │ Part-Time Retirement │ Keep Track of Your Retirement Accounts │ IA News│ Dill Cucumber Salad

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Is it better to save or pay down debt first? Find out answers to this question and more by reading the following articles in our Spring 2018 Newsletter:

Which is Better? Saving or Paying Down Debt │ Borrow Wisely │ How to Protect Against Medical Identity Theft │ Assessing Your Risk Tolerance │ Financial Thoughts │ Investment Answers News │ Creamy Horseradish Potato Salad

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Transitioning from working years to retirement increases the severity and variety of risks family members may face as a result of putting off estate planning. There are a variety of common reasons people delay planning for their later years. Read our Fall 2017 Newsletter for several topics that relate to this vital issue:

Estate Planning Tips for Baby Boomers | 4 Reasons to Encourage Part-Time Jobs | Factors to Consider When Reviewing Your Life Insurance Policy | 3 Mistakes When Saving | Investment Answers News

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