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Kelly Terlau

Chief Operations Officer

Kelly Terlau is the Chief Operations Officer for Investment Answers and has been with the firm since 2009. Working with Travis, the company’s founder, Kelly helped design the improved customer service statement that guided the firm’s transition from Brookstone Financial to Investment Answers. She led the building of the online initiatives that put our clients, their friends and their family at the center of the firm’s educational and marketing initiatives.

Kelly leads business to business interactions for the firm, developing and maintaining staff and vendor relationships. Kelly oversees the macro-operations of the firm, with a focus on the Marketing, Human Resources and Accounting, Legal and Compliance departments. Her focus is on creating a smooth, intentional transition between the day-to-day activities of the firm and Investment Answers’ long-term strategies.

Kelly is a lifelong entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with emphases in Health Psychology and Creative Writing from the University of Louisville. She is the firm’s lead writer.

A devoted mother of two, she balances her time between her family, volunteer efforts and the firm. Advocating for her children and independent, progressive education, Kelly was a member of the Board of Trustees for Virginia Chance School (2012-18), as an active member of the Finance, Marketing, Auction and Development committees. She is also an advocate for historical preservation as a volunteer and docent for the Conrad Caldwell Victorian home in St. James Court, in Louisville, KY. Kelly is most widely known for her affinity for healthy, safe, delicious food. As a former personal chef, she now refers to herself as a “family foodie.” She is passionate in advocating for independent farmers, chefs and sustainable food practices.

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