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10 Things We Know to Be True: Being Independent Financial Planners

March 11, 2014

We thought we would stir things up a bit, and feature ourselves as the 10 Things columnist this month. Being independent in the financial service industry is an asset. Here’s our take on what being an independent financial firm means for us and our clients.


10 Things We Know to Be True:

1) We work directly for our clients.

2) The Client’s needs come first in our firm.

3) We trust our clients to introduce us to people who are looking for a personal relationship with their financial advisor, rather than spending our focus on mass-media marketing.

4) When all is said and done, you usually only have one call to make, and that’s to us.

5) We don’t have “office hours.” When we leave the office we are often still taking calls, answering emails, and focusing on business-building and portfolio management. We prioritize offering the kind of Client Service we would want from our advisor.

6) We can balance our time between the needs of our firm and our families. We prioritize being home with our kids and our families.

7) We don’t have to meet a sales quota, we only have to meet our client’s needs.

8) If we recognize our clients consistently require a service, our firm can adapt quickly to help meet those needs.

9) We don’t tailor the needs of our clients to our vendors, we tailor our vendors to meet the needs and service expectations of our clients.

10) We are able to create relationships with companies that provide the quality of products and services we expect. Being independent allows us to focus on our responsibilities of being a fiduciary for our clients as our primary goal in serving our clients.

Investment Answers offers Individualized Financial Portfolio Management because we know that planning for retirement can be unsettling. With so many options and needs to consider, it’s often unclear what the right answers are. That’s why Investment Answers is here. We help you build a strong financial foundation to support you and your family—for generations to come. Our clients leverage us and involve us in planning for their future. With every action we take, we are mindful of the responsibility we hold and the opportunity we have to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.