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Why We Advocate for You

June 23, 2017

In September 2016, we began celebrating our 10th year as independent financial advocates and we have spent the year sharing this milestone with our clients and their families. What a year! The thing about our client base is that not only are they good people, they are great company to spend time with.

We spend quite a bit of our time creating events and opportunities to stay in contact with our clients. Each quarter includes a variety of event topics–whether that be Social Security, Empowering Women Investors Across the Generations, Legacy Planning, and so on. This year has been extremely gratifying and extra fun sharing our 10-year journey.

2017 has been overwhelming for so many. If you turn on the television or the go on the internet at any time, there is a litany of news brewing about politics, public safety, the stock market hitting all-time highs—all in tandem with the longest streak of a bull market in history.

But what is on the minds of those for whom we advocate? We hear about what is happening in the lives of our clients and their families: beautiful new grandbabies, unexpected loss of health, lifestyle changes, retirement, long weekends of camping to get away from the daily grind. Life happens, in all of its glorious ups and downs.

What we have always said, and what we will continue to share, is that despite the many highs and lows, preparing your finances to reflect your needs as you age is paramount to your continued quality of life. You must prioritize your future now so that you can realize the lifestyle you had imagined for yourself as on older adult. Financial security as an older adult is not as easy as saying, “I’ll watch my expenses once I hit age 70.”

Unfortunately, the unexpected happens to everyone. It sweeps in when you least expect it. It takes all that you had become accustomed to and leaves in its wake your “new normal.” Proactively creating an income plan and a solid financial foundation for your future allows you to follow your plan and worry less about managing your money when life has unexpectedly thrown you a curveball. We want you to sleep well at night and we want to be your financial resource when you have questions.

Are you wondering about whether you can afford to retire? Are you unsure of the financial implications of returning to work after you’ve taken Social Security? Do you need to figure out how you can budget for your new medications or the rising cost of your health insurances? Are you unsure if you can afford to help your children out with their financial disaster? Have you become a caregiver for your elderly parent trying to stay in their home? Use us as your resource. You do not have to figure out all of challenges on your own. We’re here to help.