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Investment Answers Fall 2019 News

October 8, 2019

2019 had been a year of fantastic internal systems and infrastructure upgrades for Investment Answers. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to continually update and evolve as technologies and resources evolve.  A big shout out to our wonderful team members and vendors that we work with for IT, phone systems, web, and our content research and production teams.  We couldn’t do all that we do for you without their support and expertise!

Keep an eye out for changes to our website, coming soon!  We have a slew of new YouTube videos that are in post-production.  We will begin releasing them -and- we will begin promoting our podcast, The Investment Answers Podcast, once the updated website is released.  These are wonderful resources to learn from and we encourage you to SHARE them with those you know who could be of benefit.

Have you attended any of our public or private events? We recently updated many of our popular workshop presentations.  To welcome in the new decade, in 2020 we will be releasing new event topics and venues for you, your loved ones, family and friends to enjoy. We can’t wait to see you there.  If you haven’t met Kristen Wilkins yet, welcome her to the team. She leads our Event Desk and has been with the team since June.

Is it time to update your PEACE of MIND CHECKLIST?  We just published the 2020 revised version of this popular and useful life document with more room for notes and important information. You can find this and other fantastic resources on our Knowledge Center.