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4 Reasons to Encourage Part-Time Jobs

October 30, 2017

Don’t feel guilty about your children working while attending school or feel that a part-time job will interfere with their learning experience.

It Boosts Accountability

Encouraging your children to work part-time as soon as possible and setting a portion of their earnings away for their future education can give them a much better appreciation for their college, trade school, or professional development. Nonworking students can struggle to understand just how expensive their tuition and living expenses are and the sacrifices involved in paying those costs.

It Can Cut Down on Costs

Even the smallest contributions can quickly accumulate. Whether they contribute $50 or $500 a month, it can be money they won’t owe after graduation or money you won’t have to spend that you can put toward your retirement or investments to help sustain your financial future.

It Teaches Life Skills

Parttime jobs provide teenagers and young adults with a different set of skills than they’ll derive in class. Because they’re interacting more with adults in a real-world setting, they’ll develop the vital communication and problem-solving skills that they’ll need in their post-college career. Working even a few hours a week while attending school allows them to master a work/life balance.

It Encourages Networking

There’s a well-known saying that success is closely linked with who you know. Sure, they’ll make friends in the dorm, but a part-time job encourages them to connect with peers on a different level that could lead to valuable opportunities in the future. A job allows them to further develop their individual talents and strengths.