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Optimizing Your Social Security Benefits (5.25.17)

May 25, 6:00 - 8:00 pm │ Two Rivers Restaurant, General Butler State Park
Dinner Provided

Understanding when and from where you will receive your income is the foundation of a successful retirement. Social Security is a retirement income source with some control and a variety of selections. Therefore, one of the most important phases of retirement planning is understanding Social Security benefits.

• Learn strategies to help maximize your Social Security benefits
• The current state of the Social Security system: What it means for you
• How continuing to work will impact your Social Security benefits
• How getting more from Social Security may reduce your taxes
• Will you be forced to withdraw from your Social Security earlier than you anticipated?
• Action plans on how to prepare if you are 5 years ir less from retirement
• Learn how to properly coordinate Social Security benefits with your spouse and other sources of retirement income

RSVP now for you, your spouse, family members, friends, neighbors and/or co-workers that would benefit from this important discussion.

*Dinner Provided

*We reserve the right to decline a reservation. Not open to agents and financial advisors. For serious investors only.

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Event Location

Two Rivers Restaurant, General Butler State Park
1608 HWY 227
Carrollton, KY 41008